Author Shelf Label Junior Set

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This set provides a quick and easy way to sign your fiction section and allows users to easily locate titles from their favourite authors. The set is colour coded according to Syba Signs colour coded fiction classification system and are best displayed in our Shelf Label Holders.

Number of Labels included: 50

Product Title: Author Shelf Labels Junior 

Product Codes: 455, 461, 6461, 6455

 Allen, Pamela

 Browne, Anthony  Ball, Duncan  Baillie, Alan
 Baker, Jeannie

 Blume, Judy  Carthew, Mark  Clark Margaret
 Cole, Babette

 Dahl, Roald  Fienberg, Anna  Dahl, Roald
 Dahl, Roald

 Fine, Anne  Fox, Mem  Gervay, Suzanne
 Gibbs, May

 Gleeson Libby  Grant, Joan  Graham, Bob
 Griffiths, Andy

 Hilton, Nette  Hathorn, Libby  Hill, Eric
 Hobbs, Leigh

 Heffernan, John  Jennings, Paul  Kerr, Judith
 Klein, Robin

 Knowles, Sheena  King, Stephen  Norman, Lilith
 Lester, Alison

 Lewis C S  Legge, David  Mahy, Margaret
 Marsden, John

 Oliver, Narelle  Park, Ruth  Pfanner, Louise
 Quay, Emma

 Rowling, J. K.  Rodda, Emily  Rigby, Peter
 Simons, Moya


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