Author Shelf Label Senior Set

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This set provides a quick and easy way to sign your fiction section and allows users to easily locate titles from their favourite authors. Here you will find a full list of the included authors. The set is colour coded according to Syba Signs colour coded fiction classification system and are best displayed in our Shelf Label Holders.

Number of Labels included: 50

Product Title: Author Shelf Labels Senior

Product Codes: 462, 488, 6462, 6488

 Baillie, Alan

 Ball, Duncan  Bernard, Patricia  Caswell,Brian
 Crew, Gary

 Carmichael, Claire  Disher, Gary  Dubosarsky, Ursula
 Fienberg, Anna

 Fine, Anne  French, Jackie  French, Simon
 Gervay, Suzanne

 Gleitzman, Morris  Gwynne, Phillip  Hartnett, Sonya
 Herrick, Steven

 Harris, Christine  Hathorn, Libby  Jennings, Paul
 Jinks, Christine

 Kelleher, Victor  Keneally, Thomas  Larkin, John
 Marsden, John

 McRobbie, David  MacDonald, Caroling  Masson, Sophie
 Metzenthen, David

 Mattingley, Christobel  Marchetta, Melina  McSkimming
 Morpurgo, Michael

 Nix, Garth  Nilsson, Eleanor  Paulsen, Gary
 Pierce, Tamora

 Pausacker, Jenny  Pulman, Felicity  Rowling, J. K
 Rodda, Emily

 Rubinstein, Gillian  Simons, Moya  Thiele, Colin
 Tolkien, J.R.R.

 Wrightson, Patricia  Wheatley, Nadia  Winton, Tim
 Zindel, Paul

 Zurbo, Matt

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