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    The Hidden Web

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    The Hidden Web: A Sourcebook

    William O. Scheeren, 2012

    The "Deep Web." The Hidden Web." The "Invisible Web." All of these terms refer to the same thing: websites that cannot be accessed by search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Reuters estimates that there are 550 billion websites in total, while Google only accesses about 1.4 billion. It takes specialized knowledge to access and navigate ''the Hidden Web.

    Google is certainly a useful Internet search tool for general topics, but most of the information available on the Invisible Web can't be found through Google. This book explains the value of the Invisible Web and how to access it.

    Most students and researchers possess only rudimentary internet searching skills. The majority of school and public librarians are not aware of the breadth and depth of information available on the Hidden Web. This is unfortunate, as the ability to navigate the Hidden Web in schools and public libraries is essential to locating the most current and authoritative information.

    This title serves as a valuable source of information about the Hidden Web, much of which comprises websites containing statistical information or data from a wide variety of government agencies. The concepts, search techniques, and specific websites presented will be helpful in information literacy instruction and the teaching of research skills.

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