• We Boost Achievement!
    We Boost Achievement!We Boost Achievement!We Boost Achievement!We Boost Achievement!

    We Boost Achievement!

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    We Boost Achievement!

    David V. Loertscher with Ross J. Todd. Hi Willow Research & Publishing, 2003.

    Want to collect the evidence that you boost the achievement in your school with your LMC program? This book provides a multitude of techniques to collect evidence concerning reading, information literacy, collaborative planning, and technology. And like throwing pebbles in a pool causing a ripple effect, these measures not only document what you are doing, but suggest changes in your program to maximize your impact. The various measures in the book follow what is titled the triangulation of data. That is, if one were to measure impact on reading, data would be collected at the learner level, the teaching unit level, and the organization level. Both direct and indirect measures would be created. Because no thermometer can be stuck in a readers mouth to see whether there is a 98 degree capable and avid reader, the variety of measures taken approximate the duck test (if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... it must be a duck). An essential guide in times when achievement is the bottom line!

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