Thank you for attending the workshop Designing a Digital Citizenship Program for your School. Here you will find resources and links from the day, these will continue to be available so you can refer to them at your convenience. 

1. Digital Citizenship and the School Curriculum

Session 1 slides  download pdf

Additional support documents:

Ribble, M. (2011). Chapter 2: The nine elements of digital citizenship. In Digital Citizenship in Schools, (2nd ed.). Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education, pp. 15-44. Available

Blair, E. (2014, Feb 26). A look into teenagers’ complicated online lives. Mind/Shift KQED. Retrieved

Boyd, D. (2014). It’s complicated : the social lives of networked teen. Retrieved

Podcast: ‘On Social Media, the Kids Are All Right’, SciFriday, (2014, Feb 28). Retrieved (NB: this interview includes parents and students phoning into this radio show to provide comments on their views. While this podcast is just under 30 mins in length, it is well worth listening through to the end).


2. Digital Citizenship: Issues and challenges in schools

Session 2 slides  download pdf

Digcit Brief template (Word doc)

Additional support documents:

Swist, T., Collin, P., McCormack, J. & Third, A. (July 2015). Social media and the wellbeing of children and young people: A literature review. Perth, WA: Prepared for the Commissioner for Children and Young People, Western Australia, pp. 4-7, 10-21, browse 24-66 and read Key Insights bullet points for each section.

Australian Communications & Media Authority. (February 2014). Connected parents in the cybersafety age: June 2013 snapshot, pp. 1-2, 17-26. (Note the differences and similarities between students' view on their online behaviour compared to those of parents.)

3. Digital Citizenship and the Australian Curriculum

Session 3 slides  download pdf


4. Designing a Digital Citizenship programme

Session 4 slides  download pdf

Curriculum audit template (Word doc)


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