Welcome to Digital Citizenship: Advanced Skills & Leadership

This course is the next in Syba Academy's program on digital citizenship in schools.

As a participant, you will be expected to complete coursework over the next three weeks, which includes engaging in online activities, and undertaking school-based tasks. 

This is followed by a one week period where you continue to work on school-based tasks and document the nature, scope and outcomes of these according to AITSL’s professional standards for teachers. At the end of the final week, you are required to submit documentation for assessment that demonstrates your completion of coursework, online engagement and school-based activities that contribute to your capacity as a leader of digital citizenship in your school.

Introducing Lyn Hay

As your facilitator for this second course, I am looking forward to working with you as you continue to chart new territory in your school as a digital citizenship leader.

Who am I? You can visit my Syba Academy bio for details, and feel free to follow my professional engagement on my StudentsLearn blog  where I share ideas/resources, curate research on school libraries, and publish various presentations and papers.

I am also excited to be teaching a professional learning course that is designed to provide customised learning experiences based on individual’s and team's needs, as opposed to most online courses which require participants to work through a series of online modules with no provision for flexibility in resourcing, learning preferences, or revision of learning tasks and assessment to meet individual school-based priorities.

As a result, some of the content and tasks of this online extension course might end up looking quite different to what you first started with, upon each 1-on-1 consultation with me as your facilitator. My goal is to provide you and/or your school team with personalised and customised learning experiences throughout the course to help you shift from new learning, to new action in your school. In other words, at the end of the four weeks, we want to see evidence that your enrolment in this course has led to some change within your school. No pressure!

I look forward to continuing this professional learning partnership with you over the coming weeks.

Lyn Hay
Head of Professional Learning
Syba Academy

Contact me: 

Email: lyn_hay@sybaacademy.com.au
Phone: 0412034595
Skype: lyn_hay
Twitter: @lyn_hay
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lynhay
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lynhay