Course Syllabus

This course builds on the knowledge and skills developed by you as a result of completing Syba Academy’s Digital Citizenship: Core Concepts & Practice (SYBDCC002) course.

This advanced course assists teachers, teacher librarians, learning technology coordinators and principals, in identifying digital tools and apps to support the teaching of digital citizenship content and skill outcomes across the curriculum, and provides participants with knowledge and skills to lead the development of a whole school digital citizenship policy, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of a digital citizenship program with their school.

School teams of 2-5 participants are encouraged to work together as their school’s Digital Citizenship Working Party. This can lead to a school designing and implementing school-based digital citizenship policies and programs to specifically address their community’s needs.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate digital tools and apps based on functionality to support the teaching of digital citizenship knowledge and skill-based outcomes within learning areas of Australian Curriculum;
  • Model digital citizenship skills to teachers, students, and parents;
  • Undertake an audit of existing school-based policy documents to identify aspects of digital citizenship that are addressed, and where there are gaps in school policy;
  • Develop a community awareness program to support discussions about digital citizenship issues in their school with students, teachers and parents;
  • Lead a school-based policy development process to assist their school in developing policy and programs that effectively integrates digital citizenship across the curriculum. **

** The individual needs of participants and their school may result in some of the above outcomes having greater emphases for some than others, based on the provision of negotiated curriculum as part of the learning design of this course.

The course syllabus consists of three modules:

    1. Digital citizenship and tech tools
    2. Developing a digital citizenship program
    3. Leading digital citizenship policy and practice in your school.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be eligible for 15 hours of NSW BOSTES QTC endorsed credit of professional learning.