National Week 2012

Literature to Support the Geography Curriculum

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pledger Consulting, 2014.

ISBN: 9781876678418

(Teacher reference)

Highly recommended.

Following the same layout as their previous Australian Curriculum publications, the authors provide annotated lists of titles for the various year levels from Foundation to Year Ten. They use the headings which exist in the Geography curriculum for each of the age groups and supply useful lists of resources which match each theme or strand. Many of the titles listed have been recommended highly by the various ReadPlus reviewers and the annotations give one a great overview as to the content of each book.

As stated, not every title listed will suit the age level or context of different classrooms so would still need to be assessed by the class teacher or librarian before use. Nonetheless, as a starting point, this document will join the other publications as a major time saver for teachers planning their overviews for Geography.

Generally, the books listed are fairly recent publications, less than ten years of age and therefore accessible in most libraries. Where there are teachers' notes that exist for the books, this is indicated in the annotations. Although it is simple enough to Google the titles, I would like to have seen the format of each book included after each title eg picture book, junior novel etc.

This is another 'must have' title for every school library and will prove to be a major asset, supporting any time poor teacher or librarian.


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