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Welcome to 2015

Monday, February 09, 2015

Welcome to Term1 2015

The start of the new school year is the absolute best time of year! The summer break leaves students and teachers refreshed and reinvigorated, you can almost grab a hold of the energy and enthusiasm. This year Syba has got everything you need to ride that summer feeling all year long.

  • New products and ideas that will assist you to keep your library modern - Syba Signs

  • A rich and varied professional development program - Syba Academy

  • An expansion of our digital products - Syba Digital

Syba Products

Wall Graphics: The increasing popularity of Syba's wall graphics have been has allowed us to extend our range and offer you more choices. Wall Graphics are a very flexible, bright and visual way of enhancing the library space and visually conveying the philosophy of the library. If you are unfamiliar with our Wall Graphics you can view an instructional video here.  

Vinyl Word Walls: Our vinyl word walls are extremely popular and are easily applied. Choose a wall to fit your space or ask us to customise our designs to fill your needs. If you would like to order a custom size of any of our existing word walls or if you would like to choose your own words/values we can design something for you to meet your needs. 

Syba Academy News

We have been busy assembling an exciting and inspiring QTC accredited professional development program and are very excited to be sharing it with you now. We can hardly wait to learn all about the connected classroom from Shannon Miller at Syba Academy's Connected Educator Summit in June. To explore our PD program comprehensively visit our website.

Also of note, we have partnered with SLANSW to present the State Library Day: Let's Make it Happen. We will challenge, educate and empower you to develop further as an educator and information specialist.

We have courses running online and currently have events planned in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and Dubbo. We also provide in school in-servicing, if this appeals to you please have a look at our Syba Academy Speakers or contact us for further information. 

Syba Digital news

We are happy to announce that we now have the Australian and Asian distributorship for the excellent range of eBooks (and print versions) from LMC in America. This includes titles such as Google Apps for Education, Ban Those Bird Units, Painless Guide to Web 2.0 and many more.

Visit our website to see our complete Guided Inquiry Design Digital resource that includes printable posters, support activities, Guided Inquiry Design icons and much more.

The highlight of our business is the relationships we develop with our customers. We love talking with you, guiding you with your purchases and meeting you at our seminars and workshops. We trust our well established relationships will develop even further this year and that we 'meet' many more of you.

Best wishes for 2015,

From the Syba team.


Welcome to 2014!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Being the first blog post of the year we thought we would do something fun so we ran the Syba News Blog through Wordle and the above image is the result. It gives us a good visual overview of what we have been talking about over the past 12 months since we launched the Syba News Blog. We encourage your feedback and welcome you to share resources with us or even write guest blog posts for us.

We have lots to share with you this term and would like to take this opportunity to highlight our new products and services that we hope will assist you to keep your library modern, in touch with current curriculum and of course, provide support for your users to enjoy effortless and successful library experiences. You can also check out our latest e-newsletter for more information!

Australian Curriculum Products

The introduction of the new Australian Curriculum will present some challenges in libraries as you prepare resources to accommodate the cross-curriculum priorities and the seven capabilities that need to be addressed. To assist with this process we have created a range of new materials that we trust will assist with this process. Our materials address the three cross-curriculum priorities and the creative and critical thinking capability and ICT capability.

We have also developed an icon that will help you identify products that have been designed to support the Australian Curriculum. Keep an eye out for this in our catalogue and online.

For more information visit the Australian Curriculum section of our website.

Syba Academy

Last year we launched our new Syba Academy and we’re very privileged to have Lyn Hay, renowned academic, as our Head of Professional Learning. Syba Academy has broad endorsement from the NSW Institute of Teachers to provide learning opportunities for teachers to Australian Professional standards. We encourage you to visit our all new Syba Academy website for more information and to view the full range of upcoming courses.

Due to popular demand we will be running courses in Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and other regional areas.

Apart from our seminars, masterclasses and workshops, we are proud to announce that we now offer a service we have named “in-school in-servicing”. The idea of this is that we can organise a whole day for all staff in your school using one of our courses on offer or similarly you can choose to use one of our days for local library network meetings. Of course our days can be customised to suit individual school or association requirements and many schools. We have experience in offering this service and expect to be taking it to schools in Europe and other international regions. To find out more visit /learning/inschool-inservicing

Another exciting venture is the offering of a four week online extension course which will provide 30 hours of accredited professional development for participants. The first of these courses is titled Digital Citizenship. For more information see page 4 or visit

We’re here to help

We trust you will enjoy browsing our products and services. We endeavour to assist our customers in any way we can so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would love to hear from you as we value our personal interactions highly!

Phone (612) 9808 3377.
Phyl Coath (Williamson) & The Syba Team


Welcome to Term 1, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome back to term 1 2013. We look forward to working with you as you create and update your libraries. The relationship we have ensures that we keep creating products that you need. It is a real privilege to be able to be “present” in so many libraries.

This is our 16th year and we are celebrating it with a new website, modernised logo and many new products, both digital and print. We are also proud to announce that we have accreditation from the NSW Institute of Teachers for two of our professional development courses.


We’ve been working towards our new website for some time now and we trust it will make searching and buying our products more interesting and importantly make communicating with us much easier. The address is the same but the look and functionality are quite different. Please go to and check it out. You will notice that we have a facebook and twitter link quite visible on our site and we would encourage you to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


We have modernised our logo but it is still recognizable and certainly the same purple that you are all used to. We hope you like it! 

New Products

Digital Signage

In keeping with our policy of keeping up to date with your current requirements we have created two Digital Signage packs for use on your digital screens which include easy to use templates enabling daily event updating, and eye catching images which reflect current 21st century learning values. We think you will love the brilliant colours, movement, messages and simplicity of these products.

Digital Signage Range »

Freedom From Bullying

An essential element of all Syba products is a message of positivity and encouragement for learning. We have continued this into our new set of posters about a supportive learning environment which are titled Freedom from Bullying. They contain very simple, yet very supportive messages and will send a dramatic affirming message to those involved in bullying.

Freedom from Bullying Range »

Your Digital Footprint

See also our excellent range of products designed to support students to manage their digital footprint and to learn how to network positively online free from victimisation.

Your Digital Footprint Range »

Professional Development.

We are thrilled with our professional development program for this year which features 2 programs that have been accredited with the NSW Teachers Institute and includes:

  • An accredited full day seminar with Dr Ross Todd and Lyn Hay on Evidence based practice titled “School Libraries Making a Difference”. What is your evidence and how do you get it? These days will be held in Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne.
  • An accredited full day seminar with Dr Ross Todd and Lyn Hay on The National Curriculum and Guided Inquiry titled “The National Curriculum: Developing a Guided Inquiry & Web 2.0 approach” This day will be held in Sydney.
  • Our online learning programs: “The how 2 of web 2.0” (commencing 6th May) and “Web 2.0 extended” (commencing 1st May).

View Upcoming Seminars »

We hope you enjoy browsing our products and services. We endeavour to assist our customers in any way we can, so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We would love to hear from you!

Phyl Williamson (Coath)

Syba Signs


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