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Managing your digital footprint

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

When I mentioned to friends that I needed to manage my digital footprint 3 adults stared bewildered at me. They were suspicious of this 'digital footprint' and why it needed to be managed. Oh dear, how do their kids stand a chance?

With 81% of two-year-olds having a digital footprint and 23% of children having pre-birth scans uploaded to the internet by their parents educators around the world are motivated to get the message out that our digital footprint matters!

Every single teeny tiny digital interaction we make leaves a footprint and says much about who we are and what we have done. Content we have created including emails, attachments, forums, uploads, comments and photos contribute to our digital footprint. Many people do not know that interactions also include websites visited, frequency of visits, amount of clicks on websites AND clicks in emails we have been sent (yes, these are tracked), time spent on pages and downloadable content. As if this isn’t enough, content that others have uploaded about us including blogs, comments and photos leave traces of information about ourselves that are available to other people online, phew!

Our digital footprint impacts our online and 'real life' reputation. Data can be used to exploit our interests, steal our identity or contact us offline. With a bit of attention though our digital footprint can be a valuable tool to create a rewarding online presence. Managing our digital footprint allows us to connect with like-minded people, enhance networking, contribute to worthwhile discussions, learn, share, absorb knowledge and present a positive online identity.

This is where our poster set comes in. Our 'Managing your Digital Footprint' set includes the following steps toward positively managing our digital footprint.

  • 1. Understand your digital footprint

  • 2. Why your digital footprint is important

  • 3. Design your digital footprint

  • 4. Manage your digital footprint

  • 5.Reflect and review your digital footprint

This resource will teach students to manage and appreciate the importance of our digital footprint. Syba's 'My Digital Footprint' range also includes 'Positive Social Networking Online', 'Freedom from Cyber Bullying' and 'Online Collaboration Terms' poster sets, all aimed at educating the digital citizen. Keep your eye out for a 'Managing your Digital Footprint' teaching disc which is coming soon! There is also a wealth of valuable online resources shared by educators and we have included a list below.

Our digital footprint matters, so let's keep walking!

Mollie Bain

Syba Signs

Valuable Resources

10 super geeky tips for the new year 2013- The daring librarian

Childnet Cyberbullying video is a must see- Bullying Stories

Cyber bullying films- Digizen

Cyberbullying: Hazard or Hype?

Cyber smart guide for library staff- Australian Government

Cyber smart for schools- Australian Government

Digital Citizenship- Digital-Footprint video

Digizen website

Facebook friending 101 for schools- Cool cat teacher blog

Lesson: Follow the digital trail (K-2)- Commonsense

Global Citizenship Collaboration and Education- Digiteen Project

Like us! The MHMS Facebook page and concrete digital footprints- The daring librarian

Managing your digital footprint- SCIS

Managing your digital footprint- Digital Citizenship Adventures

Managing your digital footprint with Year 8- Lucacept- intercepting the Web

Protecting Reputations Online- Commoncraft

Teaching children about digital footprints- Primary Tech

The case for Digital Citizenship in schools- Cool cat teacher blog

Transparency is the new black- The daring librarian

Web wise kids blog

Web Wise kids website

When did your digital footprint begin?- Theresa Shafer

Why digital citizenship is important- Judy O’Connell

Your digital footprint- Computer lab, Granville Elementary School


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